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Hello. :)

First, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for your interest in my work. Let’s be honest. The market is saturated with photographers. If you are reading this, it means you are looking at my work and possibly considering hiring me! That in itself is a wonderful compliment. Thank you.


My name is Summer Williams. I am based in Colorado Springs, CO. I homeschool my four children and sing in the worship band at church. I have a heart for missions. I also have a thing for the sun, and light in general. (I often find myself inspecting the color of the light around me, even when I’m not working.) I love to laugh, and I LOVE outtakes. Love. Them. Consider yourself warned.


My goal is to create a beautiful and accurate documentation of a moment in your life. That might mean your engagement or wedding day. Maybe it’s your pregnancy, or the milestones of your child. Perhaps it’s the growth of your family throughout the years. It could be a special event, like a birthday party or baby shower. I want to capture the moments you’d like to hold onto for just a while longer, and offer you a way to go back and visit those moments as often as you please. I have a background in journalism, and can incorporate the written word into an image presentation for a unique remembrance experience. I can also provide head shots and other visual marketing tools for your business, or other special projects.


I have shared that I have a heart for missions. In 2013 I was privileged to travel all the way to Uganda to document a medical mission team and their work. I felt an extreme sense of purpose while I was there, and I believe it was in Uganda that I created some of my most beautiful work. I want to do it again. But my ministry right now is to my family. Thankfully, through the blessing of this business, I can support other missionaries in their work.


I’m heartbroken by the number of people I hear about with cancer, and the fires and floods that have destroyed hundreds of homes in the greater Colorado Springs area. I desperately want to do something about it. So, for every 9 paid photo sessions I shoot, I give one Complete Session to a family in need of preserving (or making new) memories. You can submit a name and story to me via e-mail. Or create an entry by clicking here! Once I mark my ninth session, I will randomly select a name from the collection of e-mails I have. If your entrant doesn’t win, feel free to submit it again for the next round. Offering these sessions is one way I can give to the people around me.