Hello. :)

My name is Summer Williams, and I've been a photographer in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area since 2012. I'm also a homeschooling parent of four as well as a pastor's wife! As my kids have grown, my family has come to love the game of golf. We also enjoy playing in the mountains, four-wheeling in our sleeper 4Runner, and snuggling up to watch movies. I've seen how quickly my family has aged and it has only solidified my passion to preserve time with photography. It's not just the preservation of the faces of your growing children that I want to catch.. I enjoy photographing families because there is so much interaction between people, and it's those moments that are my favorite.

I love to laugh, and I LOVE outtakes.
Love. Them.
Consider yourself warned. 

My goal is to create a beautiful and accurate documentation of a moment in your life. Families encompass so many things... so it might mean your engagement or wedding day. Maybe it’s your pregnancy, or the milestones of your children. Perhaps it’s the growth of your family throughout the years. It could be a special event, like a birthday party or baby shower. I want to capture the moments you’d like to hold onto for just a while longer, and offer you a way to go back and visit those moments as often as you please. I have a background in journalism, and can incorporate the written word into an image presentation for a unique remembrance experience. I can also provide head shots and other visual marketing tools for your business, or other special projects.